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My First Fishing Trip

My first fishing trip was awesome! I had a lot of fun! This story will tell you about it.

It was a wet summer day when my family and I went up to a cabin to go fishing and kayaking with friends of my Mom’s. I kept bugging the owner of the cabin to go fishing. But it was still raining! So, about three hours later he goes outside. He walked down to the lake and said, “It has stopped raining we can go fishing and kayaking now!” Boy I was so excited!! So then the owner came back up to the cabin. We loaded everything into the truck and carried the kayaks to the water. The owner, his son, a friend of his son, a Yorkshire Terrier (who licks the fish) and I got into the truck and we headed off to the boat launch. I said, “This is going to be really fun,” to myself a lot in that five minute car ride.

We had just arrived at the boat launch. The owner asked the kids to help him get the things out of the back of his truck. We took everything to the boat, then we installed the things we needed to and we were off! It was not far to the middle of the lake. It was raining when we started. He turned off the motor, we got our rods, bobbers and worms, hooked them on. Before I knew it, the oldest in the group caught a fish! The fish was a Sunny. The Yorkshire Terrier licked the fish then the boy who caught it threw it back. Than a couple of minutes later the rain was pelting us. Then I caught my first fish! It was another Sunny. Then the oldest in the group caught a fish, which was 12 inches long! That’s a huge fish! Then by the end of the day, the oldest (the son’s friend) caught about twenty fish, the second oldest (the owner’s son) about ten and the youngest (me) caught four.

On the car ride home I was out cold by the first couple of miles away from the cabin. I had a lot of fun that day! It will be something I will never forget!

G. N. W.
Age 10
Bethlehem, PA

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